Services we offer

All our services are divide under two categories viz. Custom Clearance services and Management consultancy services. Scope is not limited to the below mentioned specific service only. Allied services forming part of the specific services are also provide by us ad per requirement of our clients.


  1. Export Shipment (Air & Sea)
  2. Import Shipment ( Air & Sea)


  1. EDI operations including filing of documents with Indian Custom
  2. Clearance of Import/Export cargo
  3. Clearance of Baggage (import/export)
  4. Clearance of Baggage ATA CARNET
  5. Clearance of Baggage SEZ
  6. Bonding/Warehousing of goods
  7. De-bonding of goods
  8. Transportation
  9. Warehousing

C. Management consultancy

  1. Providing expert guidance of Issuance of Import-export licences for claiming duty benefits
  2. Registration of licences with Custom EDI system.
  3. Refund of Service tax paid on the inputs in the for m of CENVAT credit.
  4. Rebate/Refund of service tax to the developer of SEZ or a unit SEZ.
  5. Providing Digital Signatory Solutions
  6. Cancellation of bonds/bank guarantees executed with Custom/Excise and Service tax authorities in compliance to certain requirements at the time of taking some benefits.